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Endovenous Laser Treatment in Orland Park, IL

Are bulging varicose veins causing you surffering and pain? Don't suffer any longer. At Midwest Vein Center, we provide effective and noninvasive treatments. As the leading provider of endovenous laser treatment in Orland Park, IL, we pride ourselves on providing safe, effective, and nonsurgical care to patients that struggle with varicose veins that affect their quality of life. Contact our team to ask whether endovenous laser treatment is right for you and start living pain free. Laser Varizes São Paulo

Endovenous Laser Treatment Orland Park IL

Is Endovenous Laser Treatment Right for You?

You'll know when it's time for endovenous laser treatment when you notice your varicose veins beginning to bulge. Don't wait until these veins begin to affect your life. Instead, schedule an appointment with our physicians. We will arrange for an on-site diagnostic ultrasound to diagnose your condition. You receive quick results that help our physicians determine what course of treatment is right for you.

This simple procedure requires only a local anesthetic. That is, you remain fully conscious the entire time our caring physicians painlessly treat your leg. Following the procedure, our team has you elevate your legs and rest for just 15 minutes. You are free to pursue your daily activities afterward with very little post-op treatment.


Innovative Endovenous Laser Treatment

Choose a varicose vein treatment that only affects your life minimally. Endovenous laser treatments require only  local anesthetic, allowing you to drive yourself to and from your appointment. After the procedure, you're ready to get back to your routine without worrying about pain or burdensome follow-up care. We ask that you visit our clinic for an ultrasound five to seven days afterward to check your healing progress.

Endovenous Laser Treatment Delivers Results

If you have medical concerns about your varicose veins, you can depend on our center for targeted endovenous laser treatment that provides noticeable results. This procedure facilitates blood flow through healthy veins. Using a laser, our physicians seal unhealthy veins that exist just below the surface of your skin. Blood flow is rerouted into healthy veins, improving your circulation, reducing your pain, and improving your appearance.


Options Beyond Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous laser treatment alone can improve the discomfort in your legs as well as their appearance. Within a few days to weeks after your session, you should notice your varicose veins looking smaller. Many patients enjoy smooth legs, without bulging veins, relatively quickly after their procedure. However, we may recommend sclerotherapy or micro-phlebectomy to further reduce the appearance of your veins. Some of the other services we perform include:

Contact us today to learn more about endovenous laser treatment and how you can benefit from it. We serve patients in Orland Park, Tinley Park, Lockport, Homewood, and Harvey, IL.